Marketing for Service Based Companies

A Digital Marketing Strategy that Doesn’t Waste Your Money

“Track It … Measure It … Celebrate!!!”

No More Waste!

No More Waste!

Track and measure. You know what works and what does not. Stop what's not. Do more of what waste allowed!

Make More Money

Make More Money

When more money goes to what works the return on investment improves!



You feel confident. You know your plan is on track. Time to savor some success.

Can’t Track It Won’t Sell It

  • Many marketing companies sell strategies you can’t track or measure. So, you don’t know where you stand. You may feel you are wasting money, or heaven forbid, like you got ripped off. 
  • That’s just wrong. Don’t you agree? At J3 … “We don’t sell you a service if we can’t track and measure its return on your marketing dollar.
  • Our “Five Numbers that Matter in Marketing Report” shows you what you need to know.
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Five Numbers That Matter In Marketing Report

  • We work with you to increase the number of right fit customers who see your marketing message.
  • We strategize to grow the number of people who engage with your messagevisit your website: Read, look at, listen to your message.
  • And FINALLY,  everything to maximize conversions … up the percentage of website visitors who become your customers. YES!!!
  • You don’t feel ripped off. You are confident and successful because you see where you’re going and know what you are doing.

We Get It!

  • This is not just your marketing we are talking about. This is about the success of your blood sweat and tears business. 
  • You deserve a no nonsense, simple, clear plan.  So you know what you’re doing and see where you are going.
  • Your dreams are coming true day after day and the dreams you dream at night are sweet.
03 We Get It

Listen to What Our Excited Clients Have to Say

Here’s the J3 Effect Process

04 The Plan

1. Discovery: We study you, your customers and your competition,  to understand where you are and where you want to go?

2. Proposal: We create a customized solution. You may be amazed at how affordable our starter plans can be.

3. We execute the plan together.  Track your progress, measure your results, celebrate your success!

Many business owners feel marketing wastes money. J3 sells only trackable services ... No waste ... Measurable ROI instead.

At the J3 Effect we know you want to be a confident, successful business owner. In order to do that, you need to know what’s happening with every marketing dollar.  The problem is you are not seeing the results you expected which leaves you feeling ripped off, like you are wasting money. We believe that should not happen to you. It’s wrong, really wrong.

We understand that feeling. That’s why we don’t sell services we can’t track and measure.  That way, you clearly see the return on your investment.

When we take this approach, we are able to provide almost twice the traffic-driving services for the same dollar.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We study you, your customers, your competition.

  2. We create a customized plan that takes you and the business you own where you want it to go, in both the short term and in the long term.

  3. We execute the plan together. We track the five numbers that matter in marketing. We measure the effect your marketing has on your bottom line. We calculate clearly the return on your investment.

Click on that red button. “Get A Quote.”

Let’s have a thirty minute conversation to determine if the services we provide fit the company you run. 

So you can stop buying services that produce minimal results and instead see a positive return on your marketing investment.

You will know what you are doing. You become a confident, successful business owner leading your company to the heights you dream it can attain.

In the meantime, get our free e-book “7 Things that Always Have Been and Always Will Be True About Marketing”

We would say if you build on truths that never change, you are better prepared to negotiate the ravishing rate of change we business owners face with every new day.

Johnny Wyatt

Meet The J3 Effect Team

  • A skillful, deeply aligned group of men and women who care about  your success.
  • A team, that for over a decade, has consistently produced profitable results for the  clients we are privileged to serve.
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