“A Trackable, Measurable Marketing Plan
That Makes You Money”

No More Waste!

Make More Money!

Celebrate Success!

You Risk Wasting Money

  • In the world of marketing  many business owners invest marketing dollars into services you can’t track or measure. When you can’t measure results, you risk wasting money. Perhaps even worse, you FEEL like you’re wasting money. That  disturbs your sleep, and that just should not be.
  • In January 2020 we said we would no longer sell services where you can’t measure the return on investment.
You Own Two Companies

Same Spend, More Sales

  • What happens if we take money we used to spend on services you can’t track and put it all into services you can?
  • Amazed! We found we could provide almost twice the traffic-producing services.  Same spend. More traffic. More Sales. 

The Risk Is Gone

  • So, like a wise mentor might say, “You move with the movers.” You spend on services that get a proven return.
  • You keep increasing your spend until you have all the business you need right now. 

You celebrate. And you sleep! The risk is gone!

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We Get It

  • This is not just your marketing we are talking about. This is about the success of your business. It’s not good for you to toss and turn at night feeling you are wasting marketing dollars.
  • You deserve a plan that clearly generates a healthy return on your investment.
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Here’s the J3 Effect Process

1. Discovery: We study you, your customers and your competition,  to understand what you want to accomplish both near and long term?

2. Proposal: We create a customized solution that takes you and your company where you want to go.

3. We execute the plan together.  Track, measure, report, celebrate!

At the J3 Effect we know you want to be a confident, successful business owner. In order to do that, you need a trackable measurable marketing plan.  The problem is you are not seeing the results you expected which leaves you feeling ripped off, like you are wasting money. We believe that should not happen to you. It's wrong, really wrong.


We understand that feeling. That's why we don't sell services we can't track and measure.  That way, you clearly see the return on your investment.

When we take this approach, we are able to provide almost twice the traffic-driving services for the same dollar.


Here's how we do it:


  1. We study you, your customers, your competition.
  2. We create a customized plan that takes you and the business you own where you want it to go, in both the short term and in the long term.
  3. We execute the plan together. We track the five numbers that matter in marketing. We measure the effect your marketing has on your bottom line. We calculate clearly the return on your investment.

Click on that red button. "Get A Quote."


Let's have a thirty minute conversation to determine if the services we provide fit the company you run. 


So you can stop spending that produces minimal results and instead see a positive return on your marketing investment.


You will know what you are doing. You become a confident, successful business owner leading your company to the heights you dream it can attain.

In the meantime, get our e-book “7 Things that Always Have Been and Always Will Be True About Marketing”

  • A Skillful, Willing, Deeply aligned group of men and women who care about and pursue your success.
  • A team that for over a decade has consistently produced profitable results for our clients.

Meet The Team

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